Director’s Welcome

Greetings of Peace (Assalamu’alaikum) and Welcome to CTP

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) Bachok Campus has an area of ​​almost 800 acres and about 100 acres of it has been developed for faculty and administration buildings. The building was built to provide teaching and learning space in areas related to technology and creative. As an Entrepreneurship University, UMK needs to consider an approach to ensure income using its assets. Therefore, the University management has made a recommendation that the land owned should be used as best as possible to generate income. This strategy is in line with the Malaysian Education Development Plan (Higher Education) 2015-2025 under Leap 5 # Financial Sustainability. Universities need to increase their efforts to generate income towards reducing overall funding for Higher Education. Public universities are required to diversify funding sources to enable continuous improvement in terms of program quality and more prudent and innovative use of resources. To that end, a site needs to be identified that will house activities related to creative technology development and heritage empowerment. This paper aims to submit proposals in an effort to create an area that is used as an income-generating site in the creative and technological fields.

In giving a new brand to the area or site to be created will be known as Creative-Techno-Park or the abbreviation "CTP". This CTP is not intended to be an entity to generate income but is expected to be a showcase of achievements and career opportunities in the creative and heritage-based industries. It is also hoped that it will give a true picture of the work patterns that will be done by graduates from the field of creative technology and heritage.

Encik Mohd Aswawi bin Isa